Court of Appeals Case Law: Valuation of a Business During Divorce

In many marriages, one or both parties own a business. The valuation of a business during divorce is critical to a correct property division. In the case of Slater and Slater, Husband owned a chiropractic business, which he purchased in 1996. Part of the purchase price included $37,000 for “goodwill” and the

New Oregon Child Support Guidelines in Effect

Effective July 1, 2013, the Oregon Department of Justice released their revised child support guidelines. The guidelines are used to assist courts, attorneys, and parents in determining the appropriate amount of child support. The changes include a new online calculator, meant to simplify and streamline the calculation process. Several of the key

Detailed Parenting Plans Avoid Future Litigation

When parents get divorced or separate through the legal system, the court requires that a parenting plan be put into the final judgment. The goal of the court is to ensure that both parents have frequent and meaningful contact with their children. At Jill Brittle Family Law Group, we recommend that parents

Do I really need an Oregon divorce lawyer?

When going through a divorce, many people choose to go it alone and not use a lawyer. They ask themselves: “do I really need an Oregon divorce lawyer?” In Oregon Family Law courts, packets of necessary paperwork may be received at the courthouse or downloaded from the court website. If you can

Top 4 Reasons to Modify Oregon Spousal Support

Whether you can modify your Oregon spousal support depends on the purpose of the original spousal support. For example, if the purpose of support was to allow you to obtain a college degree over six years and you obtain that degree in four years instead, your ex-spouse could request a reduction of

Duties of the Great Divorce Lawyer in Oregon

Perhaps no legal field is as saturated with practitioners as in family law. For whatever reason, many lawyers incorrectly believe that this complex and emotionally-charged area of practice is “easy,” and feel qualified to start practicing on families with little or no experience. Practitioners starting on their own often begin by handling

Top 5 Reasons to Modify Child Support

Child support can be modified for any number of reasons. However, in our regular experience with the court system and our client interaction, the most common reasons that necessitate modification of child support are as follows: 1. Change in income The main factor in any child support calculation is each party’s income.

Five Warning Flags Before You Hire a Divorce or Family Law Lawyer

Divorce and family law issues touch on the things most important to us – our families. Family law issues can be emotional, confusing, and frustrating. Clients need to choose an attorney who will help them through the process, not add to the process. 1. Unnecessarily aggressive is not necessarily a plus Most

What is an Oregon Writ of Assistance?

Oregon law provides for a number of types of “writs,” or orders issued by a court requiring that something be done or giving somebody else authority to do a specified act. In family law matters, sometimes lawyers or parties will employ the use of a “Writ of Assistance,” which essentially is a