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When you need guidance through the complex maze of the divorce and family law world, our attorneys are committed to showing you the way.


Family law is an expansive area of law which includes Oregon child custody issues, alimony (spousal support), child support, asset division, collaborative divorces, domestic partnership, child relocation, paternity, and child or spousal support modifications. Your case likely involves a number of these issues and you need a lawyer who can advise you on all aspects, from the valuation of a business to the nuances of a developmentally-appropriate parenting plan.

Our clients are more comfortable with the legal process because they are educated about what to expect throughout the case, rather than being kept in the dark. Clients often begin researching lawyers by using generic terms like “best Portland divorce attorney,” “best child custody attorneys in Oregon” or “best Oregon attorney.” The truth is, the best divorce attorney for your circumstance is the one who accomplishes your goals, communicates with you, and provides solid legal advice along the way. It is important to build a trusting relationship between client and attorney so that your needs can be met, and your goals can be accomplished.


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