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Oregon divorce mediation can be a very useful tool for resolving family law disputes. It is a procedure in which both parties work with a neutral third party to help them reach an agreement on some or all aspects of their case. Parties may hire private mediators to facilitate agreements or may use the court’s conciliation services. Parties have the option to attend private mediation either on their own or with legal counsel present.

In family law cases where children are involved, both parents will be required to attend mediation through the county conciliation services. In most counties, the court mediator will not discuss financial issues but can be very helpful in developing parenting plans and reaching agreements on legal custody. Most couples that enter mediation leave the process with an agreement regarding the children.

Our Portland divorce mediation attorneys can provide you with valuable legal advice throughout the mediation process, help you prepare proposals to present at the mediation, and review agreements reached in mediation. Contact our experienced Portland divorce mediation attorneys – all with extensive experience in mediation – to determine whether a mediated result may be appropriate in your matter.

What To Expect In A Consultation About Mediated Divorce

We meet with all potential clients in person for the first consultation. This allows us to meet potential clients and hear the background of each case, to determine if your case is a good fit for our office, and to provide information about a client’s rights and responsibilities under Oregon law. We offer this initial consultation for a flat fee.

When starting the process for finding a lawyer for mediation, potential clients often ask “who is the best divorce law mediator in Oregon” or the “who is the best mediator in Portland?” The answer is the lawyer or mediator who gets the results you need. Like the rest of family law, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to selecting a family law attorney. The best attorney for you is the one who listens to your circumstances, provides solid legal advice, and facilitates and achieves your goals. Contact one of our Portland divorce mediation attorneys today to set up a consultation.

Divorce Mediation Attorneys in Portland

Today, many couples who are faced with a divorce or separation are considering mediation as an alternative to a contested and litigated divorce. Most divorces can be resolved (at least in part) and mediation is one way to reach agreements.

How Does Mediation Differ From a Litigated Divorce?

Divorce does not have to be a contentious and costly battle between partners. Mediation offers an option of resolving disputes that may come up between a couple during a divorce process.

Although a divorcing couple will typically have issues that they disagree on, litigation is only necessary when a couple cannot cooperate with each other enough to find common ground. This requires that they work out their disagreements through separate attorneys, each attempting to best represent their clients’ desires that are often oppositional from each other. Unless these can be negotiated to suit the parties, the divorce will come before the court, with a judge making the final decisions about how the couple will go forward.

Mediation Relies on Cooperation and Communication

Mediation requires a more cooperative approach. The couple will come together before an outside party whose sole job is to guide the couple toward an agreement. The mediator does not represent either party and cannot give legal advice but acts as an impartial professional who attempts to seek a resolution that both parties can agree to. A mediator will not create a proposal but will help both parties reach important decisions and agreements toward their settlement.
Portland Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Mediation allows a couple to avoid the conflict, time, and costs of a litigated divorce. The ability to reduce the disputes of divorce benefits the couple, affording them communication tools to work together cooperatively. It can also prove beneficial long term to the family dynamics and the children’s best interests.

The Benefits of Mediation

  • Mediation can be a far more cost-effective approach to resolving differences during a divorce.
  • Divorce is faster through the mediation process. Family court dockets often require waits of about 6-12 months.
  • Mediation doesn’t take a win-lose approach, which avoids added conflict.
  • Children fare better with two parents who have found a way to cooperate.
  • A mediated divorce ensures that you, not the judge, are making suitable choices for your family’s needs.

How Does Mediation Work With Children?

In all family law cases that involve children in Portland, both parents are required to attend mediation through the county. County mediators will not discuss financial issues or offer specific advice, but they can help guide parents toward reaching custody agreements and developing parenting plans.

Are You a Good Candidate For Mediation?

If you and your spouse are considering divorce in Oregon, you may be able to benefit from divorce mediation. It is especially beneficial for couples who wish to avoid unnecessary conflict and its effects on the family. While there are many benefits to mediating a divorce, however, not all couples can come to this level of cooperation.

If one spouse is making unreasonable demands or is unable to compromise on most things, the mediation process is not likely to work. In relationships where one spouse has significant power compared to the other, or there is a history of domestic abuse, the couple may resolve little in mediation.

Professional Mediation Services in Portland

At Jill Brittle Family Law Group, our Portland divorce mediation attorneys will help you with valuable tools and legal advice throughout the entire mediation process. We will help you understand your options to make the best decisions for yourself as a couple and your children. Our experienced Portland divorce mediation attorneys will consider your situation and help guide you toward a mutually beneficial settlement. Contact us to schedule a consultation.