“Without hesitation, I would recommend Jill Brittle as a qualified, intelligent, and ethical attorney for family law matters. She assisted me with my divorce, using a highly effective collaborative method, calmly guiding me through a potentially difficult and emotional experience. She kept me balanced and focused each step of the way, continually mindful of the goals my wife and I had set as part of the collaborative process, especially as it related to our daughter. Still, she was a dependable representative and steady advocate for me when necessary. She was professional, detailed, and most of all, so easy and comfortable to work with. The end-result was a better-than-expected experience, and a very positive outcome. Thank you Jill.”


“Calling Jill Brittle Family Law Group was the best decision I made. I initially met with Heidi Sherman at the beginning of my divorce. At the time, it didn’t seem like I would actually need to retain an attorney, so I thanked her for the consult and went on my way. Cut to 3 months later, the mediation agreement had been signed, the papers just needed to be drafted, then some bumps appeared in the road. When communication broke down between my husband and me, I knew it was time to get representation. I immediately called Heidi.  She was responsive and helpful from the very beginning. She reviewed any/all documentation and made comments that I was able to relay to other attorneys involved. When it finally came down to a 1:1 with my husband’s attorney, Heidi was quickly able to get what was fair and equitable (which just so happened to be in my favor). She was always on my side and 110% encouraging. She was also realistic, telling me more than once to “sleep on it” when I was entertaining less-than-constructive notions. She has a great personality, a well-timed sense of humor and is beyond thorough and competent when it comes to her job. I would recommend her to anyone needing representation through a divorce.”


“I highly recommend this firm. Jill is very professional and keeps you and your family’s best interest in mind. They guided me through a very difficult divorce and I am very thankful that they represented me. They kept me well informed of any arising issues and contacted me only when necessary to keep their costs down. They did not advise any items that were unnecessary or would prolong the case. Their staff was always professional and polite when I needed to call the office. If you must go through the hardship of divorce they are the ones you want representing you.”


“I recently worked with Jill Brittle during my divorce.  I interviewed 3 attorneys in my attempt to find someone who I was comfortable working with, and Jill was hands down my favorite.  She put me at ease from our first meeting.  She asked the best questions, truly listened, and is very knowledgeable.  As a small business owner I especially appreciated Jill’s creative thinking, convenient office location, transparent billing methods, and prompt response time.  She helped me to clearly consider my all of my options during a very emotionally charged time.”


I unequivocally recommend Jill Brittle as a family law attorney. She is quite gifted, knowledgeable, talented, and a pleasure to work with. She gives excellent advice and is a calming presence. Jill guided me through an extremely contentious divorce and successfully completed the entire process from start to finish. She is also a relative bargain for the level of service she provides (but consider that a bonus…she’s worth more but thankfully she is within my budget). I continue to retain her services for all my family law needs (estate law, power of attorney, etc). So clearly, I am taking my own advice and continue to hire her. I would be remiss if I did not mention that Jill is friendly and mellow outside of the court room, and charismatic, professional, and whip smart during trial and deposition. She is also a rock. She stays calm and effective and knows when to speak and when to not. She prepared me for every occasion and had solid contingency plans for each event that took place. The practice as a whole is also solid. Great support staff and great law firm.”


“I’m so glad I found Jill Brittle to represent me in my collaborative divorce. Not only was she exceptionally knowledgeable and ethical, but she was also wonderfully kind and understanding. She helped me to stay calm and work towards a positive outcome, and I really feel that I would not be as far along as I am if it weren’t for her presence and support. I loved her quick email responses, and always felt like we were moving forward, not stalled out.
I actually hope I need an attorney in the future, because I will be glad to work with her again.”