Services We Provide

At Jill Brittle Family Law Group P.C., our Portland family law attorneys are equipped to help our clients with any and all family law matters. With decades of combined experience, our expert lawyers will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding your case and are available to provide clients with several services.

Document Review – If filing your own pleadings, such as initiating documents, responsive documents, motions, etc., parties use the court forms and may have one of our Oregon family law attorneys review prior to the individual filing. This is particularly important regarding any settlement documents such as a mediation agreement or final stipulated judgment to ensure that the documents have all the necessary and proper language and that nothing is missing or misstated. In a document review relationship, we do not prepare documents and our name does not appear on documents as attorney of record. If the review is done within a single appointment, payment is made on an hourly basis with no retainer required.

Coaching – Parties sometimes want to navigate the legal system on their own with the use of court forms and available online information, but want more assistance beyond a document review session. Our attorneys will support you in achieving your goals by providing legal information, feedback, and recommendations, as well as review of documents that may be generated as part of the legal process. Our role is to assist you with problem-solving. We do not author correspondence to the opposing party or opposing counsel and we do not have direct communication with the other side. We are not your “attorney of record” meaning simply that we will help you learn about and work through the legal process however our name does not appear on anything as your attorney. You will be the primary point of contact with the opposing party/counsel/court. This professional relationship does require a fee agreement that establishes the limitations of our role and may be converted to a traditional representation relationship should you decide later that would better meet your needs. If so, we will have you sign a new fee agreement and pay an additional retainer (see Full Representation below).

Document Preparation (Uncontested Matters) – Parties who reach settlements on their own or with the assistance of a mediator may hire our attorneys to prepare the necessary paperwork for the court. This includes all documents necessary to both initiate and conclude the case, from the Petition to the General Judgment. In this type of representation, all terms are resolved by the parties themselves and our attorneys are merely acting as scriveners in preparing documents. We will not negotiate terms on your behalf. These relationships can be done on a flat-fee basis; specific pricing is case-dependent, but ranges between $2,500-$4,000, in addition to the court filing fees.

Full Representation – Parties who seek full representation will sign a fee agreement and pay an initial $7,500 retainer. Our attorneys will support you throughout all aspects of the case, including preparing the initial court filings, collecting and exchanging financial documents, handling settlement negotiations, appearing in court, and preparing final court documents. Our attorneys will communicate with the opposing party/counsel on your behalf. We offer advice and counsel throughout the case to help you make the best decisions for you and your family. Parties who are going through a divorce and seek full representation can rely on our Portland divorce lawyers to provide that service.

Collaborative Process Representation – Parties who seek representation in the Collaborative Process will sign a fee agreement and pay an initial $7,500 retainer. Our attorneys will support you throughout all aspects of this out-of-court process, including: helping you build a professional team in line with your needs, participating in team meetings, collecting and exchanging financial documents, supporting you to prepare and review settlement offers, and preparing final documents to file with the court. We offer advice and counsel throughout the case to help you make the best decisions for you and your family.

Mediation Services – Partner Jill Brittle serves as a mediator to assist parties in reaching lasting resolutions to their family law cases. Mediation is paid on an hourly basis at the time of each session. Each party will have the opportunity to meet 1:1 with Jill before beginning the mediation, and thereafter sessions are generally scheduled with both parties together. Combined mediation sessions are scheduled in two-hour increments. This service is not offered to any individuals who have consulted with the firm or have been represented by the firm in the past, as it is important that the mediator remain fully neutral. Mediators will not provide legal advice, so we recommend that all individuals participating in mediation seek separate legal counsel.

Prenuptial Agreement Drafting or Review – Couples who are getting married may wish to establish certain financial agreements to help provide certainty in the event of a divorce. Our office can assist with preparing or reviewing Prenuptial Agreements; we guide clients through the process of exchanging information with their partner about their respective assets, considering options, and understanding the pros and cons of each provision. This relationship does require a fee agreement and a retainer. Specific pricing is case-dependent, but generally ranges from $1,500 to $3,000.

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