Top 4 Reasons to Modify Oregon Spousal Support

Whether you can modify your Oregon spousal support depends on the purpose of the original spousal support. For example, if the purpose of support was to allow you to obtain a college degree over six years and you obtain that degree in four years instead, your ex-spouse could request a reduction of support to take into consideration the change of circumstances. To qualify as a change of circumstances, the event must be both unanticipated and substantial.

In our experience, the four most common reasons for a court to grant a modification of spousal support are:

(1) A change in either party’s income or earning capacity.

(2) A change in either party’s standard of living (which may include a remarriage).

(3) A change in either party’s health (which may also impact income).

(4) A change in a child’s needs (which may also impact a parent’s income).

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