Oregon Divorce FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Going through a divorce is difficult, both emotionally and financially. However, often one of the greatest stressors and cause of worry is simply not knowing what to expect from the process. Our firm strives to provide you with information during the entire divorce process, hopefully somewhat easing your mind. Below you will find a collection of some of the more common questions that clients ask us. Please be advised that these are generic answers and may vary dramatically based upon your personal circumstances. No information below should be relied upon as formal legal advice. These answers should not be used in place of a personal consultation with a qualified attorney.

What are the grounds for a court granting a divorce in Oregon? Do I have to prove that my spouse did something wrong?

How does a legal separation differ from a divorce?

Does it matter whether I leave the family home during my divorce?

Will obtaining a restraining order against my spouse help me in my divorce?

How long do I need to have lived in Oregon before filing for a divorce in the state?

What is the procedure for starting a divorce through the courts?

Does it make a difference who files for divorce first in Oregon?

What is the statutory restraining order?

How does the process of serving divorce papers work?

I have heard there is a waiting period before a divorce is granted in Oregon. Is that true?

Is there any way to get help from the court while the divorce is pending?

Is it OK to date while my divorce is pending?

What are the factors for child custody in Oregon?

What is joint custody and how can I get it?

What does the term parenting time mean? Is it the same as visitation?

I have heard that Oregon requires a parenting class during a divorce. What is this about?

Do I have to go to mediation for a divorce proceeding?

How is child support calculated in Oregon?

How is spousal support determined during an Oregon divorce? Is it required?

How do Oregon judges handle property division during a divorce?

Can the court divide retirement benefits during a divorce?

What is an “uncontested” divorce? How do I obtain one?

What are court costs for a divorce in the state of Oregon?