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Skilled Legal Forms, DIY, and Unbundled Services Attorneys in Portland, OR

Portland Legal Forms AttorneyDivorcing spouses sometimes prefer to handle their divorce on their own as a way to reduce money spent on attorneys in lengthy contested litigation cases. Many of our clients come to us looking for a law firm that offers a variety of non-traditional forms of representation. Whatever you call these options — “unbundled services,” DIY or do-it-yourself forms, uncontested divorce, coaching, document review, flat-fee representation, or mediation assistance — they are often sought after by cost-conscious clients of our Portland legal forms lawyers.

At Jill Brittle Family Law Group, we offer a variety of services to assist people as they get creative to reduce costs. Document review and preparation can be completed either on a flat-fee basis or on an hourly basis, depending on the circumstances. In other cases, we advise clients behind the scenes as they negotiate directly with their spouse or a mediator. In very simple and uncontested cases, we may simply help clients review court forms to make sure all of the appropriate boxes are checked off. In cases where the simplistic one-size-fits-all court forms are insufficient to fully explain the parties’ agreements, we can prepare customized documents on a flat fee basis. This is particularly important if there are any divisions of retirement plans, transfers of real property, or unique cost-sharing agreements related to children.

Sometimes clients begin working with us on a coaching basis, whereby we offer advice on a limited basis without representing the client in court. If the client needs more assistance as the case develops, we can transfer to a more standard representation and advocate directly with the opposing party or attorney.

In our initial consultations, our experienced Portland legal forms lawyers can discuss with potential clients which options work best for that particular client’s needs. While we generally are asked to represent clients in a full-representation capacity, we also offer these unbundled services as needed.