Receive professional, experienced advice about the likely financial impact of your case

Clients often begin researching lawyers by using generic terms like “best Portland divorce attorney,” “best child custody attorneys in Oregon” or “best Oregon attorney.” The truth is, the best divorce attorney for your circumstance is the one who accomplishes your goals, communicates with you, and provides solid legal advice along the way. It is important to build a trusting relationship between client and attorney so that your needs can be met, and your goals can be accomplished. While our lawyers have worked in large firms in the past, our approach is to provide an individualized approach to each case. One size does not fit all, and our experience allows us to apply case law to the specifics of your case and to track trends within the tri-county area.

Our attorneys know that one of the most important concerns for a client is how the divorce will impact the family financially. Not only is the division of assets important for future security, but parents want to know that their children will be financially secure. We help clients map out financial scenarios to provide them with options for how to resolve this part of the case.

Gain a clear overview of the entire process, with continual updates as the case progresses.

Family law is an expansive area of law which includes Oregon child custody issues, alimony (spousal support), child support, asset division, collaborative divorces, domestic partnership, child relocation, paternity, and child or spousal support modifications. Your case likely involves a number of these issues and you need a lawyer who can advise you on all aspects, from the valuation of a business to the nuances of a developmentally-appropriate parenting plan.

Our clients are more comfortable with the legal process because they are educated about what to expect throughout the case, rather than being kept in the dark. We start every consultation with an overview of Oregon family law, and end every consultation with a packet of information that provides additional resources to potential clients. This education continues throughout the case, with thorough explanations about every stage of the case. If a case cannot be resolved without court, then clients go into court well-prepared, with a clear understanding of how trial works and what evidence will be presented on the client’s behalf.

Receive prompt and individualized attention to meet your family’s specific needs, supported by compassionate lawyers.

Family law cases are inherently stressful, and clients are often in crisis or struggling to navigate through dramatic changes in their lives. Our lawyers understand and acknowledge the emotional component of family law, even if the court system does not. We know that clients can make better decisions when they feel heard and when their high-level goals are identified early on in the case. Founding partner Jill Brittle is a Collaboratively-trained lawyer, a training which gives particular insight into helping people acknowledge and address their emotions while going through a family law case. Our goal is to help clients get to the best resolution, in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Learn up front what to expect in terms of costs and billing practices.

One of the first questions we hear in a consultation is “What is this divorce going to cost me?” After reviewing the facts of your case, we can give you an estimate of the time and cost of representation. We work primarily on a “retainer” basis, although some cases can be handled on a flat fee. We will explain to you all court fees, and any additional expert fees, if those arise during your case. Our office provides monthly statements, as well as mid-month reminders, to help you keep track of the status of your retainer in our office. We encourage clients to always carefully review their monthly invoices, and to raise any concerns with us immediately.