What is the “Collaborative Practice” philosophy?

Collaborative Practice Philosophy Applied

“Collaborative Practice” is an out-of-court process option for resolving disputes peacefully and respectfully. The practice involves a non-adversarial approach to reaching resolutions. Collaborative divorce lawyers who work in this field are specially trained to help spouses negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement, while maintaining open communication and transparent information sharing. The approach focuses on finding shared solutions while addressing each spouse’s priorities and underlying interests. The participating individuals are committed to addressing everyone’s interests in reaching resolution. The lawyers are disqualified from participating in litigation if the Collaborative process terminates without an agreement, which gives lawyers a significant motivation to commit to the process.

The best Oregon collaborative divorce attorneys will know, understand, and adhere to to this philosophy in seeking a resolution to your matter. Further, true collaborative divorce lawyers will honor the requirement that the lawyer not participate in litigation in the event the Collaborative process does not succeed. Call us today to schedule a consultation with a an experienced Collaborative divorce attorney.

by Jill Brittle