Oregon Spousal Support Calculation

Oregon Divorce Frequently Asked Questions

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How is spousal support determined during an Oregon divorce? Is there an Oregon spousal support calculation I can do?
Oregon Courts can provide for spousal support (alimony) following a divorce. The factors that the Oregon courts consider are numerous and extremely fact-dependent. However, some of the most common criteria considered in an award of spousal support include:

  • the duration of the marriage;
  • the age and health of each spouse;
  • the standard of living established during the marriage;
  • the relative income and earning capacity of the parties;
  • each spouse’s training and employment skills;
  • each spouse’s work experience;
  • the financial needs and resources of the parties;
  • the relative earning capacities of the parties;
  • custodial and child support responsibilities; and
  • any other factors that the court deems appropriate.
  • Spousal support is tax deductible by the paying spouse and treated as taxable income to the recipient spouse under the Internal Revenue Code. This means there are possible income tax advantages to the individual paying spousal support.

Oregon spousal support is one of the most difficult legal outcomes to predict, largely because so many factors are in play when considered by a judge. However, our Portland divorce and family law lawyers are very experienced with determining a likely reasonable range of spousal support in Oregon cases. Contact us today for a consultation.