Divorce Settlement Agreements

Oregon Divorce Settlement Agreement Lawyers

Most people think of divorce as a long and expensive process that ends up in court. While this is sometimes the case, the vast majority of cases settle with a divorce settlement agreement, where the parties never setting foot in a courtroom. So long as the parties reach an understanding as to all aspects of their family law matter, the agreement can be reduced to writing. In Oregon, that written divorce settlement agreement can then be used to write a judgment that gives the agreement force of law.

Settlement offers a number of advantages over having a case decided by a judge. First, everybody knows what the terms of the agreement are. By contrast, parties can never be 100% certain of what a family law judge will do. Second, the parties know and understand their lives better than a judge ever can. As a result, parties are often able to reach settlement agreements that are far more creative and tailored to their lives than what the court would likely rule. Finally, trials are expensive. By reaching agreement without the need for a trial, the parties avoid the cost, anxiety, and uncertainty associated with appearing in court.

Our firm encourages parties to think in terms of settlement. While a successful agreement does not usually give the parties 100% of what they want, it is a function of compromise. Call one of our experienced family law lawyers today to discuss your family law matter.
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What To Expect In An Oregon Divorce Consultation

We meet with all potential clients in person for the first consultation. This allows us to meet potential clients and hear the background of each case, to determine if your case is a good fit for our office, and to provide information about a client’s rights and responsibilities under Oregon law. We offer this initial consultation for a flat-fee of $100.00.

When starting the process for finding a lawyer, potential clients often ask “who is the best lawyer in Oregon for a divorce settlement” or the “who is the best divorce lawyer in Portland?” The answer is: the lawyer who gets the results you need. Like the rest of family law, there is not one-size-fits-all when it comes to selecting a family law attorney. The best attorney for you is the one who listens to your circumstances, provides solid legal advice, and facilitates and achieves your goals. Contact one of our Portland divorce lawyers today to set up a consultation.