Stalking Order Lawyers

Oregon Stalking Order Lawyers

Oregon law provides people a mechanism to obtain a court order to prevent stalking. Stalking is defined as at least two incidents of unwanted contact which makes a person or their family afraid for their safety. The alleged stalker must have received some sort of notice that further contact is unwelcome. Additionally, the person being stalked must have a reasonable fear, meaning that a reasonable person in the same circumstance would also be afraid. For instance, it would probably not be a reasonable fear if a person claimed to be afraid because the grocery store clerk greeted them every time they went into the store.

A stalking order is a serious affair. Violation of a valid stalking order is a crime punishable by fines and/or jail time. Unlike a Family Abuse Prevention Act (FAPA) restraining order, a stalking order has no natural expiration date and will remain in place permanently. Although current Oregon case law indicates that stalking orders can be removed at some point, it is not terribly evident what circumstances will lead to their removal. Stalking orders can show up on background checks, have immigration consequences, limit a person’s right to own firearms, and could have a number of other unforeseen consequences. An experienced Oregon stalking order lawyer can successfully help you navigate the pitfalls, defend against, and hopefully have such an order dismissed. Alternatively, a stalking order attorney can help insure that a victim of stalking has the order enforced.

How a Stalking Order Lawyer Can Help

Our lawyers have experience in both successfully prosecuting and defending against Oregon stalking orders. The key to either proving or defending a stalking order is detailed, methodical, and knowledgeable application of both Oregon statute and case law to the client’s case. You can expect us to thoroughly review your case and request detailed information about each and every contact that is alleged to be stalking. Careful organization of this information is key to presenting a successful case.

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What To Expect In An Consultation About Stalking Law

As a service to clients, we meet with all potential clients in person, preferably with two attorneys, for the first consultation. This allows us to determine which lawyer is best-suited for any given case, based on the subject matter and the client’s personality. In addition to the client getting two-for-the-price-of-one, this allows both lawyers to meet potential clients and hear the background of each case. Although ultimately only one lawyer will handle the case, the other will then know the basics of each case and can answer questions when a client calls. We offer this initial consultation for a flat-fee of $100.00.

When starting the process for finding a lawyer in stalking cases, potential clients often ask “who is the best stalking order lawyer in Oregon” or the “who is the best lawyer for stalking help Portland?” The answer is: the lawyer who gets the results you need. Like the any area of the law, there is not one-size-fits-all when it comes to selecting an attorney. The best attorney for you is the one who listens to your circumstances, provides solid legal advice, and facilitates and achieves your goals. Contact one of our Portland divorce lawyers today to set up a consultation.